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Tentative Competition Dates

These are the 2019 competitions we are looking at possibly attending with both Grade 4 and Grade5. Please check your calendars and let the musical officers know if you can make them or not.

Glasgowlands: MSR – Saturday July 21, 2019
GAIF: Medley – Saturday July 28, 2019
Syracuse: Medley – Saturday August 8, 2019
CDSG: MSR – Saturday August 31, 2019
Loon: MSR – Saturday September 21, 2019


New Band Pages

These are the new band pages that I’ve that we can use instead of the google page.  For now the google page is still active but my hope is to take it down once i have all the old information copied over.  The updated google pages are very hard and confusing to navigate i figured this would be easier.